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PC DOS 2000 Highlights

At IBM, we're no stranger to DOS - this is our 15th edition of the classic operating system. And even if you're upgrading from MS-DOS, you'll feel right at home. By selecting PC DOS 2000 from IBM, you'll get all the features of PC DOS 7 and more:

Year 2000 ready

  • ITAA 2000 Certified for development processes of the product
  • Contains a complete operating system that doesn't require fixes to handle dates of 2000 and beyond
  • Corrects the century information returned by Basic Input/Output System (BIOS) for many machines that have a "century rollover" exposure

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Enhanced memory management

  • Gives you up to 40 KB of additional memory over DOS 6.X
  • Features RAMBoost, which tracks and monitors how your system uses memory and automatically optimizes it for you
  • Frees up more memory by loading DOS system tables into the upper memory blocks (UMB) area
  • Tracks multiple configuration environments separately, freeing memory
  • Provides more UMB for various cards found in certain 8088 and 286 systems and, depending on the card, gives you an additional 60 KB of memory
  • Lets you load certain device drivers from the command line without having to reboot your system

Stacker 4.0 data compression

  • Breaks the 2:1 barrier, giving you more space for your data than other compression software
  • Makes compressing your data safe and easy, with proven compression technology
  • Gives you memory savings and added protection by loading the driver into a protected area in memory
  • Creates compressed drives with up to a 2-GB capacity
  • Adjusts the compression ratio automatically, depending on the type of data being used
  • Installs transparently on systems that have been compressed, using MS-DOS DoubleSpace or DriveSpace, PC DOS SuperStor/DS or previous versions of Stacker
  • Comes with Stacker Anywhere, allowing you to read compressed diskettes on any DOS PC, even those without a compression utility installed
  • Gives you quick access to your compression tools from a Windows or DOS full-screen interface

Virus protection

  • User-friendly, full-screen interface for Windows and DOS

Central Point Backup

  • Supports a wide array of tape drivers, including SCSI and QIC 40/80
  • Provides an easy-to-use Windows and DOS full-screen interface
  • Allows you to schedule backup -- makes your PC productive even when you're not there

Unattended scheduling program

  • Provides a calendar-based interface to schedule DOS programs or commands for unattended use

Ease-of-use improvements

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