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The best DOS and your best value.

PC DOS 2000 is easy to use!

You probably thought there would never be a DOS that was actually easy to use. With PC DOS 2000 or PC DOS 7, there's no need to hunt through thick manuals when looking for help with DOS commands or trying to decipher error messages. This user-friendly operating system includes comprehensive online help with hypertext links, search capability, scroll bars, and pulldown menus, so answers are simple to find. It can't get much easier!

Easy-to-use online help and documentation system

  • Includes a complete online PC DOS reference book for easy lookup of PC DOS commands
  • Uses hyperlinks that connect related topics throughout the online help system
  • Offers PC DOS Viewer so you can access other online books that use the IPF standard

File transfer system

  • Lets you automatically synchronize files between two Pcs
  • Comes with an easy-to-use, full-screen DOS interface, plus full mouse and menu support

PCMCIA support

  • Allows you to swap PCMCIA cards without having to reconfigure and reboot your computer
  • Uses PCM level 3.01 and is PCMCIA 2.1 compliant

CD-ROM support

  • Includes CD-ROM access using MSCDEX 2.23
  • Caches CD-ROM for improved performance and speed

Data recovery

  • Uses both Windows and DOS interfaces to easily recover whole or partially deleted files fast
  • Includes file viewers for the most popular applications
  • Recovers files protected by standard DOS, Tracker, Sentry, NetWare and Delwatch

Disk defragmentation utility

  • Minimizes seek time with contiguous rewrite of fragmented files on noncompressed disks
  • Uses extended memory to safely defragment very large hard drives

REXX programming language

  • Provides a high-level programming language that's powerful, yet easy to use
  • Is compatible across many operating systems, including OS/2 Warp

E Editor

  • Comes with full menu and mouse support for easy navigation
  • Lets you edit and view multiple files simultaneously
  • Provides extended arithmetic support-do complex calculations right in your editor
  • Includes auto-syntax support for C and REXX languages
  • Allows you to recover deleted records

Smart upgrade

  • Lets you upgrade any system running DOS, Version 3.3, or higher
  • Upgrades systems with compressed drives, without needing to uncompress drives first
  • Is aware of DOS 6.X multiconfiguration environments
  • Installs from a network server, CD-ROM, or diskettes

Full-function backup utility
The full-function backup utility from Central Point Software, included in IBM PC DOS 2000 offers features you would normally have to buy separately. Available with DOS and Windows interfaces, the backup utility equips you with high-speed diskette and tape-drive support. Combine this with PC DOS 2000 program scheduler function for convenient, unattended backups, and you're on easy street.

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